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rice with black beans, tomatoes, sour cream on blue plate

Black Beans & Rice Recipe

I love feeling like I can feed my family. If something were to happen where maybe I can't get to the store I know there is something here. I don't have the room for huge pantries but the more I can store, the better I feel!

We are all working hard to build our food storage. We are worried the store may not have what we need in these trying times. If you don't have a pantry that is full enough to make you feel secure, you can get started creating one by reading Food Storage Help From Living on the Creek

Here is one of my recipes that uses some of those items I suggested that are great for storing long term.

Ingredients for Black Beans & Rice:

2  cups rice

2 1/2 cups water

1 tsp salt

2 cans black beans, rinsed

1 can diced tomatoes

1 tsp Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning

Red Hot cheyenne pepper sauce (garnish)

sour cream (garnish)

scallions, chopped (garnish)

As you can see I didn't have any scallions. It's been hard to get fresh items at the store recently so we're just doing without some things. It's really better with them and they look so pretty on top. We'll have them in a few weeks I'm sure!

I keep the Creole seasoning on hand at all times. I use it all the time.


Rinse and cook your rice. I use a Ninja Pressure cooker on HI for about 8 minutes. Then I fluffed it up with a fork.

Cover and leave on the WARM setting while you put the rest together.

Cooked rice in pressure cooker on table

Rinse the beans.


Put them in the skillet with the tomatoes and the seasoning. There's no need to drain the tomatoes.


Bring to a low boil and simmer for 3-5 minutes until heated through and flavors are blended. In plain words....... just heat it up!

Do you like my pink spoon?!

skillet black beans diced tomatoes seasonings on stove

Serve beans over rice and top with lots of sour cream (this isn't enough really but I was trying to make it look pretty), hot sauce and scallions (they look really nice on top!)

See how simple that was?!

rice with black beans, tomatoes, sour cream on blue plate

This recipe should be enough for 4-6 people. It's filling and really good.

But you have to mix it all up in a big pile before digging in!!

I should've gotten a picture of that!


Download and print the pdf here  blackbeansricerecipe