Field Trip and

 a Recycled Birdfeeder

We have been having so much fun with Earth Day this year! My grands learned a great deal about recycling thanks to our neighborhood drop off center. We were very impressed with the gentleman that works there and his knowledge and eagerness to explain it all to the kids. We have a nine year old and a four year old. He was more than accommodating to them both. He even brought out a "recycled" ladder for them to climb up and look inside the dumpsters. My husband and the kids also used some recycled materials and made a birdfeeder! It's been so much fun.

Recycling Field Trip

Before they left, they helped gather all the recycling we have saved up here at the house for the weekly trip. Breaking down the cardboard boxes and separating the plastic and cans.


When they got to the recycling drop of center, the grands were taken on a tour. They learned about recycling cardboard, plastic, glass, paper, oil, and ewaste. The gentleman that works at the recycling center showed them the things he has collected and recycled to decorate around the little office building which included plants and decorative garden items.

They absolutely loved the trip! Thanks to my hubby for taking them! And thank you to the gentleman that spent the time with the kids. It just goes to show you that even in small communities the commitment your neighbor might have to his job and education.

I feel like Mr Rogers! Haha!!

Recycled Materials Birdfeeder

My hubby was also a huge help in teaching the grands to make a bird feeder out of recycled items found around the farm.


They selected their materials. Then they snipped, bent and snapped the wire in place. They used "hog rings" (picture) to close it up.


Put some suet feed in it and you're good to go!

Our grands chose two different types of suet so we had to put two halves in, of course.

Now we'll get to see which one the birds like better.

You should try this or some kind of recycled birdfeeder. Create your own and celebrate our beautiful planet!

See you soon!