My grands are playing with some toys. Why? Well, it’s fun! That’s what they would tell me. I’m certainly no expert on why kids play. I’m sure it’s to prepare them for being an adult in the world. Maybe it’s to teach their brains to imagine and create. I love to hear the things they say while they are playing. They work through issues they are concerned about. They copy their parents’ actions and social interactions. They even treat each other with such sweetness sometimes it just makes my heart swell.

But why do I need to play? Why can’t I just teach? I mean, isn’t that what I’m here for? Just to make sure they have learned what is necessary? Well I can tell you from experience that acting like my public school teachers is not the best way to get their attention. Yes, I use a white board and we have workbooks. But the drone of my voice won’t keep them interested and I know because I’ve tried it. I didn’t know any better then but I’ve learned a few things since then.

They will learn so much faster if they are having a good time. The first time my hubby and I were teaching my oldest grand to count to 100 we were using some cards with numbers on them that she had found in the cabinet while digging around looking for something to do. We got so truly excited every time she would get it right we would hoot and holler and her face lit up like a Christmas tree! The joy just played off of each of us and we had a blast! Somewhere in her memory she remembers that day. Some where deep inside her she remembers the thrill of learning something new. Some where in her heart she knows our love for her. All because we had fun. We all had fun. And she learned something new. If I’m honest with myself I have to admit that I learned a lot that day too.

When children play and learn at the same time, they stay focused. They are not distracted quite as easily and for some reason the information “sticks” in their brains better.

My favorite part is when they look at me with those beautiful bright eyes that say “I love you Mimi!”

I’m looking forward to writing about what we do when we play while learning. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for joining me.

Love in Christ